Classes are conducted daily including weekends 8.30 a.m.-7.30 p.m.

Sign-up interviews are organized weekdays on appointment.

We work with busy people. Our schedules are flexible, organized weekly, sometimes even on a day-to-day basis, so as to accommodate our students to the best of their convenience.

It is about learning, not simply about covering language material.

So even if your learning schedule needs to be interrupted for one or another reason, or you have to drop out for a while, as long as the overall learning process is organized and conducted professionally (which it will be with us), you will be making stable progress.

And you will enjoy your learning time every time you turn up for a class.

Your curriculum has a structure and your teacher knows when to speed up or when to slow down the pace and how not to let the (big) gaps in your schedule interfere with your learning rhythm.

This organization of the learning process is particularly convenient for people who travel a lot.

If you need to cancel at short notice, you call and either reschedule or cancel. Rescheduling is fine, but please, cancel only if you really need to.

Individual classes are usually carried out twice a week for 1 h ½ ( a session of 1h ½ equals 2 lessons of 45 min. each);

Recommended number of lessons per week: 2-4 (1 or 2 sessions of 2 lessons each);

Recommended number of lessons per month: 12-16;

Recommended minimal number of lessons: 60-100 (30-50 sessions);

Recommended minimal duration of course: 5-6 months;

Price per one-to-one lesson: 25 BGN (45 min)